Help Migraines Through Your Mouth

Forty million Americans suffer from migraines, but you don't have too. You can be pain free, thanks to a tiny device call NTI.

It's a little mouth guard that you wear over your two front teeth at night. The guard prevents you from clenching your teeth, one of the major causes of migraines.

Louise Hubbard of Tyler has used one for months, and says it's changed her life. Dentists say the FDA-approved device for headache treatment is twice as effective as other options like medicine.

"If you have headaches, the intensity of nighttime jaw clenching enhances headache pain. So, as you decrease the jaw clenching, the migraines decrease also," says inventor Dr. James Boyd.

"Now I do not have the headaches. I wear it every single night. I would not be without it," says Louise.

In the studies, 82 percent of migraine sufferers had 77 percent fewer headaches when they wore the NTI. You can get an NTI guard for your teeth by visiting your local dentist. The guard costs about 500 dollars.