City of Center lifts drought restrictions

City of Center

CENTER, TX - Recent rainfall has generated major improvements in lake levels, particularly at Lake Pinkston.  Lake Center, or Old City Lake, has been full for several months due to its very shallow depth and minimal storage capacity.  Due to the dramatic rise in Lake Pinkston's water level over the last several weeks, the City is able to suspend any drought and conservation measures that have been in place since last Summer. "We are fortunate and extremely grateful for the amount of rain we've received already this year and hope it continues throughout the remainder of 2012," stated Mayor David Chadwick.

As a result of the gains in lake levels and rainfall totals for the last three months, the trigger conditions of the City's Drought Plan allow for the elimination of all drought contingency restrictions.  Effective Monday, March 19th, it is no longer necessary for the City to operate under any restrictions, either mandatory or voluntary, within its Drought Contingency Plan.

While predictions are that overall drought conditions could return this summer or last several more years, it remains important for customers to be cognizant of their usage and conserve whenever possible.  Additional strain was placed on the City's water system with record consumption this year.

"The utility staff has worked to prepare for the worst this Summer, but are optimistic because major equipment repairs during the last year and the current lake levels have us in a good position for this summer," said Chad Nehring, City Manager.

At this time, there are no limits on residential or business use.  Anyone with questions about water availability, water quality or services, is encouraged to contact City Hall at 598-2941.