New movement aimed at propping up local businesses in downtown Nac

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - A "Cash Mob" is in the works.

Organizers need suggestions on which business deserves a boost.

Saturday is International Cash Mob day.

Main street director Sarah O'Brien just learned about the movement.

She quickly organized an event not wanting some lucky store on her main street left out.

"They roll in the dough. There were several businesses that received over $1,000 in less than an hour, so we're hopeful we will be able to compete with those trademarks," said O'Brien.

This is how it works. Cash mobbers visit a selected store, at a designated time and spend a few bucks.

There probably won't be any dancing in the streets like with Flash Mobs, but Cash Mob is similar in that all the word is spread through social media.

O'Brien is running a social media contest to find out which downtown business will be 'cash mobbed'.

Right now, Runaway Mule has a comfortable lead.

Morning Glory Yoga Studios is next in line.

"I saw it yesterday on Facebook and I was pretty thrilled about it. One friend had posted it. Immediately after she had posted it there were several who followed right in sync behind her," said Sanford.

According to cash mob wordpress, the first cash mob was last year to save a struggling business.

Cash mobbing is evolving into a wider marketing tool to promote shop local first.

"Every dollar you spend here locally helps out your local fire department, your local police department and so it's really important to shop Nac first and that's the main reason we're doing this to demonstrate and show how important supporting your local economy is," said O'Brien.

International cash mob day is aimed at supporting local businesses, but along the way it's illustrating to local businesses the power of Facebook and Twitter.

You have until Tuesday to vote for the downtown Nacogdoches store you want to see "cash mobbed."
     Just head to the Nacogdoches Main Street Facebook or Twitter pages and post your selection.

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