Law Enforcement Officials Search For Robbery Suspect

The manhunt continues for two men who are considered armed and dangerous, but authorities believe they may be closing in on them. It all started Wednesday afternoon, when the Subway restaurant in Woodville was robbed at gunpoint. A game warden pulled over a vehicle matching the suspects' description. That's when two men started firing at him and fled into the woods just south of Zavalla.

"From what I understand from the victim at this point, two black males entered the business, gave her some information, at one point, one of them proceeded at her. They detained the victim in the back of the store and fled away." said Woodville police officer Nicholas Thompson, who's in charge of the case.

The suspects fled north, straight into Angelina County, where they were spotted by a game warden.

"A Texas parks and wildlife game warden spotted the robbery suspects in a red car, pulled them over right inside Angelina county on Highway 69 south of Zavalla. And when he did they started shooting at the game warden. The game warden returned fire. They hit the woods running. He caught one of them." said Angelina county sheriff Kent Henson.

The game warden was not hurt in the exchange, and there was no evidence to point out that either of the two suspects who escaped were hit. Police checked nearby houses for the two men, then dogs from the Texas Department of Corrections were brought in to try and track them down. The driver of the car says he was just giving the two men a ride, and he had nothing to do with today's robbery.