Man Lucky To Be Alive Following Accident

A Lufkin man is lucky to be alive after his Mustang was run over by an 18-wheeler Wednesday afternoon. According to police, John Magee pulled his Mustang onto Highway 59 south from College Drive, and as he merged into traffic, his car crashed into the side of a semi going the same direction.

"It appears the driver of the Mustang may have been talking on a cell phone. At this point we're still unsure who ran the light. But we do know the Mustang clipped the rear tractor tire on the passenger side, and it appears the trailer ran over the top of the Mustang." said officer Chris Carroll.

The accident caused one of the rear axles of the tractor trailer to be ripped off. Officer Carroll says the driver of the mustang was conscious at the scene, and was transported to Memorial Hospital. He also says the trailer was empty, which may have saved the man's life. The driver of the 18-wheeler, Donald Jordan of Pennsylvania, was not hurt.