ETX shoppers cash mob the Mule - | Lufkin and Nacogdoches, Texas

ETX shoppers cash mob the Mule


Flash mobs have ruled social media butnow a new take on the spontaneous gathering concept is helping businesses.

"Its designed to help businessesstat afloat," said Sarah O'Brien, Nacogdoches Main Street Manager.

 In honor of National Cash Mob Day the City ofNacogdoches organized one in their historic downtown.

"It definitely raises recognitionfor ‘Shop Nac First' and it reminds people that spending their dollars locallyis crucial to all out cities services," said O'Brien.

 The Nacogdoches Main Street took to socialmedia to get the community involved.

"We've got a real active Facebook pageand a lot of good friends all came out and supported us and voted for us," saidTim Bryan, Owner, The Runaway Mule.

The Runaway Mule was chosen for thecash mob. The store was a clear favorite because of its deep local ties.

 "We provide a platform for the localauthors, musicians, artists and jewelry markers. Everything in the store islocal," said Bryant.

 Tim Bryant runs the store and he says thisopportunity is one crucial for business.

"When you work downtown half ofthe job is getting people in the store."

 Events encouraging people to by locally willhelp revitalize the city's core.

 "I often think of downtown as the heartof the community, its good to see other people feel that way as well," saidO'Brien.

 With the first cash mob under their belt, MainStreet Nacogdoches hopes to bring more businesses into the downtown area.

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