Nacogdoches congregation worships by the ashes of destroyed church

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Sunday morning, members of GoodwillBaptist Church gathered at the field where their church once stood for morningworship.

A fire Wednesday morning destroyed the80-year-old sanctuary. The congregation set up lawn chairs near the ashes tohear a message of comfort.

"This message today will bring itall into perspective," John Flemons, Pastor, Goodwill Baptist Church.

Pastor John Flemons says this servicewas necessary, to express faith despite the unfortunate circumstances.

"We'll be able to dedicate, pray andbless the land. Put God first and everything will fall into place," saidFlemons.

It took choir member Wanda Edwards a while todeal with the initial shock of the fire, now she believes good things are onthe way for her church.

"He's in control and whateverhappened it happened for a reason. So whatever the reason is we just want tothank him for it in advance," said Edwards.

Pastor Flemons' sermon focused on whois in control when life seems unbalanced.

"It takes God to keep us in balance andwhen things come our way, it takes God to put us back into balance," saidFlemons.

The congregation is learning to take it all instride.

"By and by, I understood, theLord is working," said Edwards.

The church's condition won't stop them fromworship, it only encourages them to worship more.

"If nothing bad ever happened then wewouldn't realize that God can do good things," said Edwards.

The church will start having theirSunday services at the Nacogdoches Housing Authority.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

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