Are You Prepared for Spring?

With Spring time upon us, many green thumbs are out gathering materials for that perfect garden.

Top sellers so far have been top soil and mulch as gardeners prepare to plant, and as far as plants go, it seems that vegetables are hot items this year, including bell peppers and tomatoes. Gardeners say that if you are looking for something that will thrive this year, try something that doesn't need a lot of water.

"You want to look for some of the drought-resistant varieties. We're doing real good, but in about a month its gonna really dry out around here. Lots of mulch to keep that moisture in," said Doug Gonzales, a Wal-Mart associate.

One last bit of advice from a local green thumb, when you plant tomatoes, place broken egg shells in the bottom when you plant it. They say it prevents rotting and supplies the plant with calcium.