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ETX students with unique talents will compete in national competitions


Two East Texas students are beingnationally recognized for their unique skills.

"Its not basketball its notbaseball and they get pleasure out of it," said Amanda Gentry, St. Cyprian'sArchery coach.

16-year-old Collin Haynestook top honors in the state welding competition.           

 In June, Haynes will participate in the SkillsUSA competition in Missouri, competing with the nation's best.

"He comes in the shop, its allbusiness," said Jeff Pillows, Lufkin High School Welding instructor.

Collin surprised everyone, by receiving honorsnormally won by senior competitors.

"For me to be a junior I'm a yearbehind everybody else yet I'm still on the same level as they are," saidHaynes.

Haynes started welding when he was eightyears old, just two years older than Russell Reid, a first grader who surprisedmany with his archery skills.

"Well its fun, you get to be withyour friends, you get to shoot," said Reid.

  The six year old'ssecond place win in the state archery competition qualified him to compete withstudents from across the nation in Kentucky this May. Reid says he isexcited, but competing has its intimidating moments.

"I get nervous, because when you shooting there is abunch of people shooting with you," said Reid.

Archery coach Amanda Gentry says itsnot about size, its about heart.

"Determination among the student,if he's ready and determined he can do it," said Gentry.

Despite their differences in skilleach competitor has a long road ahead until this summer's competition.

They only hope that practice makesperfect.

 Reid is one of three St. Cyprian's archerystudents competing in the tournament.

Haynes plans to enroll inAngelina College's welding program after graduation.

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