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Gingrich says Romney likely GOP nominee

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich addresses supporters at a campaign event in Charlotte, NC. (Source: CNN) Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich addresses supporters at a campaign event in Charlotte, NC. (Source: CNN)

(RNN) - After another round of losses to former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, GOP presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich told supporters that he thinks "it's pretty clear that Gov. Romney is going to be the nominee."

Gingrich also called on Republicans to unite behind Romney.

"I think I would be the better candidate but the objective fact is the voters didn't think so," he said at the Gaston County GOP Breakfast in Cramerton, NC, according to CBS News reporter Lindsey Boerma.

He added that he was at the event "as a citizen."

The former House speaker has yet to announce his official campaign resignation, but recent signs have pointed to Gingrich's upcoming departure.

CNN reported that Gingrich will suspend his campaign on Tuesday, May 1.

Despite telling anyone who would listen that he would continue his campaign until this summer's GOP convention, Gingrich's daughter told reporters Tuesday that he would "reassess" his campaign on Wednesday.

Jackie Gingrich Cushman said Tuesday's Delaware primary could determine whether he stays in the race, AP reported.

Gingrich won a distant second in the race with 27 percent of the vote. Romney earned 57 percent of the vote.

Newt Gingrich's campaign is more than $4.3 million in debt.

His political standing has seen a slow decline since he took his turn as frontrunner in the race for the White House in January.

Calls for Gingrich to withdraw from the race began after Super Tuesday, but Gingrich remained defiant. Even former candidate Herman Cain withdrew his support from Gingrich - throwing it behind front-runner Mitt Romney on April 16.

"I even endorsed Newt Gingrich at one point, because I thought he had a shot," Cain said on the radio station WMAL. "Well, not now. He doesn't have a shot."

Cain was right. The numbers were against Newt. He had just 141 of the required 1,144 delegates to secure the nomination.

Newt Gingrich launched his campaign in May 2011, promising to "return America to hope and opportunity."

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