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Summer pests invade East Texas earlier, this year


"The bugs are really starting to move," said Donnie Carroll, owner of Caroll Pest Control.

 A mild winter and an early spring have pests already coming out of hiding this year. This means it's time for exterminators, like Donnie Carroll, to grab their tools and get to work.

"Of course, they're projecting that we're going to have hotter weather, just to continuously go up. We do that, and they don't go into the hard freeze areas. Well, the bugs are out earlier just like anything else," said Carroll.

"We're having to deal with them a little earlier. Normally, we have a break until after Good Friday," said Cary Sims, Angelina County Extension Agent of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

Exterminators are expecting termites, mosquitos, and fire ants to be the most popular in house and yard invasions this summer. While pests, like fire ants, are unavoidable here in East Texas, there are ways you can fight against them.

"But not everybody needs to be killed," said Carroll.

Carroll says the best way to control the insect populations is to spray pesticides. But, it should only be targeted to harmful pests. Because other pests, experts say, can work in your favor.

"Spiders serve and ladybugs as well. They eat other bugs. We want those kinds of bugs around. So, we got to be judicious and timely in our treatment of the unwanted bugs," said Sims.

There are two options for treating this problem. Homeowners can invest in an exterminator or do it yourself, making sure to follow instructions.

"If we don't follow the label and directions, they won't work at all," said Sims.

With a little preparation, the victory in the war on pests could be yours.

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