Neighbors upset over proposed cell tower in north Lufkin

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Neighbors are less than thrilled withthe idea of a cell phone tower over their neighborhood.

On Monday, the Lufkin Planning and ZoningCommittee unanimously approved a Verizon tower on Kurth Drive.

"This sort of thing is to theiradvantage but they are not considering the advantage of the people," saidDallas Pierre, local business owner.

Verizon considered locations in the Redlandsand behind Garrett Middle School, but eventually returned to 712 and 714 KurthDrive.

"They went back to the originalsite, it's the best site. Felt that was their best location to get the coveragethey needed," said Paul Parker, Lufkin City Manager.

Dallas Pierre has practiced dentistryon Kurth Drive for 44 years and he believes the tower would be an unattractiveaddition.

"The north Lufkin area is where allof the eye sores are placed," said Pierre.

Bettye Williams lives directly acrossfrom where the tower will stand.

"I don't think they went about itthe right way, we should have been informed before they decided that's whatthey were going to do," said Williams.

Planning and Zoning Director Dorothy Wilsonsays Verizon told the city the public's input was considered.

"The commission members felt thatthey didn't have substantial enough evidence to deny the action. Verizon waswilling to do a redesign the tower to be one simple mono-pole," saidWilson.

But not everyone is satisfied.

"It doesn't even fit any type ofcriteria for a beautiful structure," said Pierre.

City council will hear the proposal onApril 3rd. Residents will also have their final opportunity to voice concerns. Verizon says the new tower will expand coverage on their Lufkinnetwork. The Kurth Drive tower is the final tower needed to connect area towersignals.

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