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Slushy Magic

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - I've had numerous requests through email and on my WAVE 3 Facebook page to put the 'Slushy Magic' to the test. If you haven't seen the commercial on television, the 'Slushy Magic' claims to transform any of your kids's favorite drinks into a cool slushy within seconds. This week I'm putting its claims to the test as I 'Try It Before You Buy It!'

On a hot summer day when your kids are trying to stay cool, instead of wasting expensive $4 a gallon gas to go down to the corner market to grab them a slushy, now you can shake your way to one with the 'Slushy Magic.'  The secret is said to be in the special 'snowflake technology' the inventor uses in its magic freezer cubes.  These three cubes that your freeze beforehand, suppose to magically transform any drink into a super cold slushy within a minute or two of shaking the cup. According to the product's directions, the three magic freezer cubes freeze in your home freezer within two to three hours. In reality I found that it actually takes more like 6 to 10 hours in the freezer, and then they won't be frozen hard, but frozen enough to work.

For my test I used some fruit punch our receptionist Barb Soete was so kind to let me borrow. As the directions suggest, I put the three magic freezer cubes in the 'Slushy Magic' cup, then added the punch to the fill line. Tightened the top of the cup, and proceeded to shake for the suggested one to two minutes. About a minute into the shaking I could start to tell the difference in the feel of the 'Slushy Magic' cup. It was becoming a little heavier. After the full two minutes I stopped to check the progress. Wow! There in the 'Slushy Magic' cup was a fruit punch snowball!

The 'Slushy Magic' works! And it's marketed towards kids ages 3 and up. However, parents may want to supervise their kids use of the product because spillage is more than possible here. There's an indentation in the cap of the cup with a small hole in it. That's there for when carbonated beverages are used. In those cases you're to stop shaking about ever 30 or so seconds and remove your finger to let the pressure release from the slushy maker cup. One little movement of your finger and you'll be shaking whatever drink you have inside all over your surroundings and yourself.

The 'Slushy Magic' set comes with the slushy cup and top, three magic freezer cubes and a spoon straw for your kids to eat or drink their slushy with. We purchased the 'Slushy Magic' at Walgreens for just under $13. Additional supplies of freezer cubes and 'Slushy Magic' huggies are also available online for an additional charge.

My findings? The 'Slushy Magic' works. And the colder the drink you use, the better it works.

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