A Couple's Business and Their Love for Nature

"It is a good way to get away from problems you encounter in your business, no matter what kind of an individual you are. Gardening is an enjoyable offshoot. It's something you can do and get away from other issues that may be bothering you during the weekdays," said Ed Todd, owner of Hilltop Nursery.

"You know they will grow for you and they will thrive. It's kind of addicting. It's like farming. Once you've lived on the land you are just hooked to it, and it's really an addictive thing. Lots of other gardeners will say once you started doing it you will see how good it is. It's hard to leave it alone," said Carol Todd, also an owner of Hilltop Nursery.

So addicting that Carol and Ed Todd opened their own nursery when Ed retired from practicing law. Due to an unfortunate car accident, Ed had to return to the practice to make enough money, but he still enjoys working in the garden on the weekends.

"It's a lot of fun to be able to play in the dirt. I really get enjoyment of seeing what I can produce out of what God has provided us as a basis," said Ed.

"The work, no. I like it when the flowers are blooming. The result," said Carol.

So what's the best advice these local greenthumbs can give new gardeners?

"Do it in the Spring. It gets really hot here," said Carol.

I believe that Thomas Jefferson said it best: "But though an old man, I am but a young gardener."