Storm calms over East Texas, still leaves its mark

We were much fortunate than our neighbors in the Dallas area but some East Texans still felt the wrath of last night's storm. At 6, Donna McCollum will take you to one Nacogdoches neighborhood where three different residents watch trees fall on their homes.

The jury is trying to determine if a Lufkin woman is responsible for her baby's death. We're standing by for a verdict, and Francesca Washington will bring you the latest at 10.

At 6, meet a Lufkin woman who is trying to make ends meet after a tough year by turning her hobby into a moneymaker.

Peggy Bowser has spent much of her teaching career recruiting and working with volunteers to help students build their language arts skills. She will be retiring but at 5 and 10, Tina Alexander explains how her legacy will live on in her Somebody's Gotta Do It report.

Jeff Awtrey

Assignments editor