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Rise in car sales indicate thriving economy in Lufkin


Lufkin Mayor Jack Gorden says the local economy is on the rise. Businesses, like car dealerships, are reaping the benefits of a thriving economy. "Success breeds success."

Mercer Nissan celebrated the groundbreaking of a new dealership in Lufkin Thursday. Dealership owners say they need to grow in order to meet demand.

"I think people's confidence is improving.We're all ready to come out of that unstable economy. We're ready for better things. And, I think consumers will make that happen," said Robin Mercer, Mercer Nissan co-owner.

A report by the Texas Comptroller's Office shows the consumer confidence index is up 10 percent higher than it was last year, and the local sales tax is up too. It's almost up to 5.5 percent.

"It was just last year and the year before that many cities in Texas, that their sales tax was falling off, was falling off, falling off. Ours never went down," said Gorden.

Mayor Gordon says the rise in car sales is one of the fastest and easiest ways to measure the regained trust in the strength of the local economy.

"It's not like one day they had the money to buy the car and the day before they didn't. They've always, most people, have generally had that money and a way to buy the car. But, they didn't because they didn't have confidence in the future," Gorden said.

Gordon says in a strong economy, consumers will invest in things like cars, houses, and local businesses. Car sales have increased since this same time last year. Mercer says they're hoping to keep up that pace.

"We're projecting wonderful growth, and we want to be a part of that and contribute to it," Mercer said.

The new dealership hopes to provide at least 15 new jobs. Mercer is now accepting job applications at their Nissan dealership located on Timberland.

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