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Some Nacogdoches Co. residents told to expect loud noises for three weeks


Over the next few weeks, residents in northwest Nacogdoches County can expect loud noise at various points during the day and night, according to authorities.

The Nacogdoches County Sheriff's Office posted a message on their Facebook page Thursday, alerting residents that steam pressure tests are being conducted at the Southern Power Biomass plant in Sacul. Those tests may produce fairly loud noise that sounds similar to high pressure gas pipeline leaks.

According to the Sheriff's Office, the plant is building steam pressure and will release steam over the next two or three weeks. The noise is created by steam passing through large vats of water, which help muffle the noise of the process. It is a safe process and there is no cause for concern, officials say.

Letters have already been sent to surrounding residents, notifying them of the process.

Southern Power expects the 100 megawatt plant to be fully operational by June, fulfilling a 20-year contract to provide power to Austin Energy.

According to the company, the plant will be fueled with biomass materials, including forest residue from the surrounding areas, wood processing residues and clean municipal wood waste.

When completed, it is said to become the largest biomass-fueled electric generating plant in the country. 38 full-time jobs will be created through the project.

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