DA: Saenz may have killed more than 5

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - As a serial killer heads to prison, Angelina County District Attorney Clyde Herrington says more victims may be out there.

Lack of evidence kept their names out of the 2008 indictment of Kimberly Saenz.

"The investigation had to focus on patients that we have evidence, such as dialysis lines or actual blood to test or medical waste," Herrington said. "And, there was only about two and a half weeks is the maximum age of medical waste."

The biggest challenge for the state's case was gathering FDA and CDC medical reports about the DaVita dialysis clinic.

According to Herrington, those reports revealed Saenz, not the clinic, was at fault for multiple deaths.

The only mystery? The motive behind the nurses' killings.

"In this instance, I think that there was a lady whose life was coming apart," Herrington said. "I think she was mad because she was having personal problems. She didn't like her employer, and she took out her frustrations on the patients."

"In my view, the case is airtight as it can possibly be," said US Attorney John M. Bales. "No one knows what was really going on in Kim Saenz's mind."

Bales worked closely with the DA's office on this case.

Bales' office helped requests for those CDC and FDA reports move quickly through the system.

"When you go into the trial knowing that somebody's life is on the line because they had put other people's lives in jeopardy and have killed them, it's an awesome experience," Bales said.

Saenz is already preparing an appeal.

Herrington says he's ready to defend the conviction.

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