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City explains enforcement plan for panhandling ban


The new Lufkin city ordinance banning panhandlers from standing along city roadways is set to take effect one week from Monday.

The ordinance received unanimous approval last week during a vote by Lufkin City Council. City officials say the new law stems from public safety concerns over individuals walking into traffic.

Lufkin City Manager Paul Parker says there have even been cases of drivers running red lights to get away from panhandlers. Starting April 16, panhandlers will be no longer be allowed to solicit work or money along city streets.

Enforcement will take effect the same day, according to Parker.

"Basically we're just asking the police department to ask them to leave and to go to a safer location to do panhandling we don't anticipate writing citations unless someone is a repeat offender."

Violators could face a Class C misdemeanor, punishable by a fine up to five hundred dollars.

The new ordinance will not affect church, school, or other community groups soliciting donations. Advertisers will also be allowed to continue working at intersections.

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