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Ryan Lewis races towards his NASCAR dreams

Ryan Lewis is not your typical 9-year-old boy, because he is already comfortable flying around a track in a racecar well before he is old enough to legally drive.

"It goes about 60 or 65 miles per hour," said Lewis. "It feels kind of good because of all the wind I feel in my suit and it just feels good to go fast like that."

Lewis races competitively all year, from Florida to California, with other kids his age on tracks similar to open-wheel professional racing tracks. But Lewis says he never really gets scared.

"I'm never really worried, it is just a lot of fun," Lewis said.

After finding out that Ryan had been sneaking away to watch races and had a serious interest, his father, Steve Lewis decided to drastically change their families lives and let Ryan pursue his racing dreams.

"It gives him the opportunity to go places and do things most kids don't get to do," said Steve Lewis, who doubles as father and crew chief on race day. "Ryan has been to 47 of the 48 continental United States and could soon even race in Italy."

Since Lewis does race year round he is home schooled. The family travels across the country in their truck loaded down with ‘Ryman' racing gear.

"Anywhere we go we make it not just about racing," said Steve Lewis. "It's also about school, every place we stop we try to make it an educational experience along with the racing."

Ryan has some lofty goals for himself in the future, but also just wants people to understand his love for racing.

"I have a dream that everybody can understand all the feelings about racing," said Lewis. "My dream is that and to follow in Jeff Gordon's footsteps."

Lewis could be well on his way as most NASCAR drivers also began at a young age. Lewis has many circuit wins already and competes with drivers years older than him on a regular basis. His dreams of racing on Sunday with the pros could one day come true, but for now, the daredevil sticks with focusing on winning one race at a time.

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