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Gift of Love: Terry

It was a fun afternoon of trying our hand at bowling!  And 12-year-old Terry is pretty good! Terry is a very active youth who loves to have a good time. 

"Play games and what T. V.," Terry said.
Terry enjoys playing video games like most kids his age, but he also enjoys bowling and playing Putt Putt golf.  As for his favorite TV shows, Terry likes anything with action heroes.

"My favorite TV shows batman, superman, green lantern," Terry said.

He also likes scary movies.
But that's not all.

"I like sports, basketball and baseball," Terry said.
Terry isn't a fan of school especially when it comes to doing school work.  In the school setting Terry is easily distracted at times and has trouble finishing class work and home work.  Terry's forever family will need to be family that will continue to advocate for him in the school setting and one that will provide his with structure and positive guidance. 

As for his future, Terry would like to help people and protect them.

"A police officer," Terry said, "because they get to carry guns and arrest people," Terry said.

Terry is very open about what he wants in life especially when it comes to his forever family. 
Terry would like to have a mom and a dad in his life and a home that will continue to allow him to have contact with his younger siblings.

"A mom and dad and brothers and sisters," Terry said.

Terry would do well in a home where he is either the youngest or only child. 

"Having a family is great!" Terry said.

And he hopes to find that family soon, a family that will show him the Gift of Love.

If you'd like to know more about Terry call our Gift of Love Hotline, Toll-free, 1-888-KIDS-275.


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