Mother finds baby alive after infant spent 12 hours in hospital morgue

(News file)
(News file)

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (AP) - A woman in Argentina who insisted on seeing the body of her premature daughter at the hospital morgue got an unbelievable surprise.

The mother says she fell to her knees in shock after finding her baby alive in a coffin in the morgue 12 hours after the girl was declared dead.

The newborn girl has been named Luz Milagros, or "Miracle Light." She was in critical but improving condition Wednesday in the same hospital where the staff pronounced her stillborn on April 3.

The case became public Tuesday when the deputy provincial health minister announced that five medical professionals involved have been suspended pending an official investigation.

Mother Analia Bouguet told the TeleNoticias TV channel and website in an interview Tuesday night that she still just has a death certificate, not a birth certificate. A medical malpractice suit is planned.

Health officials say they are investigating those involved in the incident.

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