Restaurant Report - Angelina - 4/12/12

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Arriero Taqueria @ 500 North Timberland: 23 demerits for improper temperatures, self-closure needed on back door, raw meat cannot be stored above other foods, hot water is needed in restroom, back door needs seal and a leak needs to be repaired at hand sink.

Lufkin Lanes Snack Bar @ 909 South Chestnut: 17 demerits for cleaning needed under equipment in bar and snack bar area, wood needs to be sealed at the bottom of cooler, household freezers need to be removed, towels are needed at all hand sinks and soap is needed at hand sink in restroom, worn cutting boards need to be removed and employees need to clean and sanitize inside ice machine.

Red Lobster Restaurant @ 1919 South First Street: 8 demerits for vent hood filters need cleaning, floor under equipment in bar area needs cleaning, floor drains need cleaning, hand sink in bar area needs adjusted, back door needs to be sealed and adjust drain under ice machine.

The Gourmet Potato @ 2694 Ted Trout Drive: 6 demerits for self-closure needed on backdoor and scoops need to be stored properly.

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