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Nacogdoches teachers say new iPads bring creative technology to the classroom

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) – It seemed like Christmas in April for some Nacogdoches elementary school teachers Thursday when their new iPads, courtesy of NISD, arrived.

The goal is to bring new technology into NISD classrooms. 

Teachers at Carpenter Elementary could not wait to start clicking away on the new iPads.  They say the new devices puts hundreds of free apps that they can use in the classroom at their fingertips. 

Each teacher can hook the device up to an overhead screen, so everyone in the classroom benefits. "As a teacher it allows you to maneuver your desktop on your classroom computer from you iPad, so you can be walking around the room and touching things on your iPad and it maneuvers it on the computer which then project to the board in our classroom," said Ashliy Awn, teacher.

Teachers at Brooks Quinn Jones received iPads Wednesday.

Some teachers who have been using personal iPads already know the benefits.

"I've been using them in my classrooms the past year and they're wonderful for our Special Ed kids. They're portable. I can continue lessons even if I'm not in my room. We have students that need the visuals. They need to touch it, see it, hear it, and it offers an opportunity for them to do that," said Eileen Myers, teacher.

More iPads are on the way and eventually teachers and students will have an increased opportunity to use them.

Teachers are encouraged to be creative in using the iPads.  Some teachers will supervise students as they perform tasks. 

NISD administration says more announcements about other high tech teaching devices will come in the near future.

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