Nacogdoches Expo manager's allegations deal with public info

CENTER, TX (KTRE) - For eight months Bill Plunkett has been on leave with pay as his credibility as an exposition manager is scrutinized. The ex-Houston police officer, well-liked in many circles, is facing rumors and allegations thrown his way.

"If you could hear it, we heard it," said special prosecutor Karren Price. "If the allegation could be made it was.">

A Texas ranger ran each allegation down and ordered a forensic study on expo computers. The investigation always came back to nothing more serious than government code 552.351.

"That is a misdemeanor that isn't even graded," Price said.

The code deals with the destruction, removal or alteration of public information. In this case, Plunkett's attempt to comply with an open records request. It was filed by entertainment promoter Kevin White. He's asking for a lot of information.

"Every contract and closing statement on every event from three particular promoters over three years," Price said.

Price wants to make sure everything is there.

"My question is if there are documents that aren't included," she said. "Is that something you did on purpose or is it just and accident in putting together the packet?"

Price hasn't decided if she'll prosecute. It could go to a grand jury.

"In the event that a charge comes you are at least, or at most looking at a fine," she said.

In Plunkett's case, the consequence is far greater than any potential fine.

The fine range is from $25 to $4,000.

Price can't see any judge or jury enacting the three-day jailtime in this case.

Plunkett's attorney, Tim James, continues to back the integrity and honesty of his client.

White is considering a request for an interview.

Price and James will be meeting in the coming days to discuss the investigation, which could wrap up by late May.

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