Film festival showcases ETX talent

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - An annual celebration of the art andentertainment of film has found its way to Nacogdoches.

The first annual Nacogdoches Texas FilmFestival showcased the passion of local filmmakers.

"They all have Nacogdoches connections,"said Ron Johnson, festival organizer.

Films featured in the festival include:"Skateland," a coming of age film set in East Texas, "Rainbows End," a storyabout an east Texas band launching their first tour and "2:22" a crime thrillerdirected by a SFA graduate.

"They decide to rob a boutiqueand they clear out their safety deposit boxes," said Phillip Guzman.

Phillip Guzman graduated in 2004, and made hisfirst film two years later.

"Saved up money, made my firstfilm for seven thousand dollars and it has just gone up from there," saidGuzman.

Festival organizer Ron Johnson says Guzman isan example of the growing art community in the city.

"They have a good program and yousee the success and it's a great thing to do for Nacogdoches," saidJohnson.

Guzman credits his success to his local start.He met his partner in his first day of film class now he lives his lifelongdream every day.

"The creation of it, the actualmaking of it is the best. Its weird because in a way filmmaking is such amasochistic process because its so hard to do and yet we just keep doing itbecause we're drawn to it," said Guzman.

Coming back, was just an added bonus.

"I love Nacogdoches so its like anytime Ican ever come out here and help out the community or do something positive itslike I'll always be here," said Guzman.

As the festival grows, the city hopes toprovide more creative opportunities for everyone in the city.

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