Retirement Reception Held for C.G. Maclin

He helped push Lufkin into the 21st century, and now friends, family, and co-workers are showing their appreciation.

A reception was held for C.G. Maclin, who will be leaving office in just two days after serving as the Lufkin city manager for the past 14 years. Maclin's leadership will not be forgotten.

"From an economic standpoint, I think that's been his greatest attribute. He's done a marvelous job in producing new companies, producing new employees and helping existing companies expand and prosper. That will probably be one of his greatest legacies, is economic development," said Bob Bowman, an East Texas historian.

"The advancements, the city, the city government has technologically been because of C.G. Maclin. Because of his expertise, because of his involvement, because of his study in that area is something that we probably wouldn't have today were it not for C.G. Maclin," said Trey Henderson, a Lufkin businessman.

Maclin was given an American flag that has flown over the nation's capital, received several proclamations from state and federal officials and was also given a special presentation from NASA for his efforts in the Columbia recovery effort.