E. Texas hog competition used to control population

CENTER, TX (KTRE) - One Nacogdoches County team just knew they won the daily $500 pot for having killed the most hogs.

"We got 22 hogs," one hunter said.

An ear from each pig makes sure nothing is counted twice.

Monday's haul was finally the day this team was needing.

"We've got a bunch of traps out and we finally caught some in a couple of traps, but other than that we've been struggling for three or four days," said trapper John Allen.

Perhaps investing in sow in heat or boar urine, just a couple of wide array of pig baits, would help out.

Not necessary, says trapper Nathan Phelps.

"Hogs love corn, so just straight corn and a little sour corn maybe here or there, but other than that, that's it," Phelps said.

Ten minutes before the day's hunt ended the Shelby County trapper dashes the Nacogdoches team's hopes of winning.

Part of the game, says Wulf's Marketing Director Virginia Solgot. She shows up in a sundress to cut off pig ears. It's a bit of class to the growing competition.

"We've had some major sponsors come on board," Solgot said. "Nikon, Under Armour, LaCrosse, and also the city of Center came on board. Farmers State Bank and Shelby Savings Bank, so a lot more money is on the line."

Each year, wild hogs create $400 million in damages throughout Texas.

"It's almost immeasurable the amount of damage they do," said Will Lucas, a landowner and sponsor. "Repeating every year and the good thing about this contest is the they're all dead."

The pigs' day is over. Same goes for Phelps. Five minutes before the hunt ended a team in Athens killed his winning streak.

"One pig all it took," Phelps said. "That's how it goes."

There's always tomorrow.

The Wild Hog Roundup continues through Saturday. Wulf Outdoor Sports updates hunt statistics each day. So far, more than 380 hogs have been killed. Organizers hope to exceed last year, when 729 pigs were killed.

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