Kecia Gonzales Pays It Forward: 4/16/12 - | Lufkin and Nacogdoches, Texas

Kecia Gonzales Pays It Forward: 4/16/12

This week's Pay It Forward segment starts out in North Lubbock along North MLK Boulevard.  We set up with our Pay It Forward sign searching for our next playmaker.

Within a minute or two, we meet Kecia Gonzales who spotted us as she was driving along MLK.  She parks down the road and walks up to us right away.  Kecia has a special friend who could use the extra help.

Kecia told us that she knows a wonderful foster family who could use the extra help.  Her name is Jane McDaniel.  We head down the road to Jane's house.

When we arrive, Jane is shocked and in tears.  She has seen our segment in the past and never believed she would ever become a recipient.  Jane told us that Pay It Forward is a true blessing.  She has been a foster parent for two years and it has been a real struggle at times.  She mentioned that the money came at just the right time.

Kecia counts out $300 to help Jane and her family out.  Jane said thank you to Kecia and everyone who makes our segment possible. 

Kecia told us afterwards that it felt good to help her friend out because she had fallen on hard times herself awhile back and understood how important it is to help someone out. 

Be looking for our "Pay It Forward" sign soon!! You could become our next playmaker!!

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