Hudson senior strives for 13 year perfect attendance record

HUDSON, TX (KTRE) - Loren Huffstetler walks the hallsHudson High School like any other senior.

But unlike any of her classmates, overthe past 13 years she hasn't missed a single day of school.

"She's done really well she's never beenone to get up and say 'I don't want to go' she's always gotten up and gone toschool without any problem," said Charlotte Huffstetler, Loren's mom.

Charlotte Huffstetler has made perfectattendance a priority for her daughter.

"I had perfect attendance my last fouryears of high school and I just thought it would be something special that noone could take away from her," said Charlotte Huffstetler.

Loren says school is a great chance to be withfriends and her passion for drill team and favorite class make school less of achore.

"I've always been like in lovewith English and she always talks about stuff that's interesting like Hamlet,Shakespeare," said Loren Huffstetler.

Charlotte says Loren has always had a goodattitude about school attendance, but her final year was challenging.

"At the beginning it was justsomething that happened but towards my senior year, like I wanted to do seniorskip day and stuff and they we're like no you should keep going," saidLoren Huffstetler.

Assistant principal Jeff Walker says Lorendidn't achieve the perfect record on her own.

"I think it takes more than justthe student, I think it takes a great family support and the support of theschool providing a purpose for them to come up here and do well," said Walker.

Charlotte hopes her daughter's perfect recordwill instill values for a lifetime.

"Perfect attendance from school will alsohelp her career because attendance is very important in work," saidCharlotte Huffstetler.

Giving Loren something she'll alwaysremember, even after graduation.

"It's a big accomplishment and itmakes you feel good about yourself," said Loren Huffstetler.

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