Lufkin man convicted of sex with children receives 18 year prison sentence

Art Bauereiss, prosecutor
Art Bauereiss, prosecutor
Ryan Deaton, Defense Attorney
Ryan Deaton, Defense Attorney

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - A Lufkin man convicted of having sex with two underage girls received an 18 year prison sentence Wednesday morning.

Joseph Michael Weeks, 20, was handed down his sentencing by Judge Barry Bryan.

According to Art Bauereiss, prosecuting attorney, Judge Bryan's sentence comes from consideration of the offense itself and a one-hour assessment on Weeks.

Hudson Police arrested Weeks in July 2010 after he and a 13-year-old girl allegedly got high on cough syrup.

The district attorney's office filed a motion to adjudicate guilt on Weeks after they discovered he was drinking alcohol, viewing pornography, using the Internet, having contact with minors, associating with felons and failing to pay fines, all violations of his probation terms in January.

Weeks served 10 days in jail in September for these violations.

Upset by the judge's punishment, Week's mother, Shay Wilcox says her son is no threat to the community.

"I think that my son is a young man who has not matured yet and I know he's not reached his maturity level and he's made his mistakes and I don't think it's fair to have his life ruined," said Wilcox.

Prosecuting attorney Art Bauereiss says there is evidence that proves otherwise.

"There were some assessments done on Mr. Weeks and I think that they indicated there was some lack of remorse on his part and there was a significant possibility in him engaging in repeat behavior," said Bauereiss.

Wilcox said her son was making major improvements, but with stiff probation terms, Joseph didn't have many outlets.

That's what may have contributed to his violating the rules.

"Probation rules are so strict. They can't drink, and it cost them, you know, he can't go to the mall, he can't go to the movies, there's so many things they cannot do for ten years. And he was having a hard time adjusting to that," said Wilcox.

Weeks was led out of the Angelina County courthouse to the state prison in Huntsville, where he will receive more assessments and await transport to another prison around East Texas, said Bauereiss.

Even with the 18 year prison sentence, Wilcox is hopeful about the future and is sure Joseph Weeks has learned his lesson.

The family says they're considering an appeal of the sentence.

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