Jurors See Mother's Second Confessional Videotape

By now, the story is well-known. Thursday morning the jury saw and heard another chilling account of what happened last Mother's Day weekend. Deanna Laney tells another psychiatrist exactly how she killed her two sons and critically hurt her third boy.

Doctor Phillip Resnick interviewed Laney six days after the murders, before she was treated with any medication for psychosis.

"I got him out of the bed and I started hitting him in the head with that rock," confessed Laney.

"How many times did you hit him?" asked the interviewer.

"I don't know. Several times. I went and got Joshua. Got him out of the bed and I took him outside and I laid him down and grabbed a rock that was next to his head. A different rock, and I started hitting him and Luke had passed out the first hit, Joshua didn't. I had to hold his hands down with my knees and I saw a streak of lightning come out of the sky and I knew that he was dead," Laney said in a cold response.

Laney said before the murders, god sent her different signs that she should kill her children. Laney said her youngest son came to her carrying a rock, and later in the day squeezing a frog. She sobbed as she said she believed god was suggesting that she should either stab, stone, or strangle her children.