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Social Networking Do's and Don'ts (SIDEBAR)


  • Don't brag about speeding tickets, criminal behavior or other acts of truancy
  • Avoid photos of a messy apartment or dorm room, which could convey laziness.
  • Watch for obnoxious comments from friends.
  • Avoid poor grammar or text lingo.
  • Be mindful of what people are doing in the background and foreground of photos before posting. 
  • Post photos and statuses that highlight volunteer work or accomplishments.


  • Write a strong bio/about me section.
  • Share interesting news or content.
  • Once something is on the web, it never goes away. Ask yourself, "Am I OK with this tweet being online forever?" before hitting "send."
  • Retweet only relevant information. Don't retweet too often.
  • Nobody cares what you had for lunch. Don't tweet meaningless info.
  • Don't tweet negative comments about your job. This applies to Facebook statuses, too.
  • Always ask, "Would I enjoy reading this if someone else wrote it?"

Source: Virallock

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