A Soldier Returns Home

"It's hard, it's hard. You know I was only married six months before I got deployed. I got married in August of 2002, and then, April 1st, 2003, I had to leave," said Dathan Benton, a U.S. soldier.

A soldier is deployed to Iraq. It's a story that we hear about over and over again, but this one made it back.

"It's great, it's great, and you know, being back is great. I'm so glad I got to come back to East Texas, you know. Like I said, I have to leave tomorrow, but like I said, it feels great. Knowing everybody supports what we're doing over there and everything. Makes it real easy," said Benton.

Dathan is leaving tomorrow to go to Fort Campbell, Kentucky, and like all soldiers, he fears being shipped out to Iraq again, but says it's his duty.

"When you're over there, you don't, you really don't know if you are ever going to see them again or hug them again, or whatever. It makes you appreciate your family and everything when you're back. Like I said, I just take it all like one big lesson. I've been deployed twice, and each time you just learn to appreciate how good we have it over here in America, and seeing the people in Iraq, the living conditions and stuff like that, you realize that you take a lot of things for granted that you don't even know," said Benton.