Cherokee Co. Crime Stoppers seek leads in Good Samaritan stabbing

Example photo of suspect's truck. Source: Cherokee Co. Crime Stoppers
Example photo of suspect's truck. Source: Cherokee Co. Crime Stoppers

CHEROKEE CO., TX (news release) - Cherokee County Crime Stoppers is asking for information that could help them solve the following cases:

• On Friday April 13, 2012 at 7:40pm a good Samaritan stopped to help what he thought was a stalled vehicle on Hwy-110 approximately 1 ½ miles north of the intersection of Hwy-110 & Hwy-204.

The victim stopped behind the suspect's vehicle and got out to see if he could be of assistance.  A Hispanic male suspect exited the driver's side of the truck, and a Hispanic female exited the passenger side of the truck.

The male suspect approached the victim and asked to use his cell phone. The victim told him that he would have to get the phone out of his truck, and turned to get the phone from his truck.

The male suspect said something in Spanish, and the victim turned around because he did not understand what he had said. It was at this time the male suspect stabbed the victim three times in the stomach.

Once the victim was on the ground, one of the suspects removed the victim's wallet, removed all the money, and then threw the wallet it to the side of the road.

The suspects then left in their truck headed North towards New Summerfield. The suspects and their vehicle are described as follows:

Hispanic male:

5-5 to 5-7

170 to 180 lbs

Medium / Average build

Short hair, short goatee with trimmed sideburns and beard that connect

Wearing: Blue Jeans, white t-shirt, and ear ring in right ear

Hispanic female:

5-5 to 5-7, long black hair


Ford truck, 1973-1979 body style, single cab, light blue in color with a possible exhaust leak (based on the sound of the truck).

• On March 25, 2012 Deputies responded to a burglary on FM-2274, just north of the intersection of FM-235. The property owner reported that he last checked on the property the 2 weeks prior, and when he returned on this date he discovered the lock cut from the gate.

The Deputy discovered that the two storage buildings and the vacant residence had all been entered, and items stolen from all the buildings.

The owner reported that there was over $10,000 worth of items stolen, which included:

Savage Arms, model 220B shotgun, value of $100

Utility trailer with current tags and registration, Red in color, value of $1,000

Tru-Blu brand plasma torch with an air dryer mounted, value of $1,200

Log splitter, North Star brand, model M1103D, value of $895

Coleman brand, 5000 watt generator, value of $450

Miller Mig welder, blue in color, value of $1,200

Miller Thunderbolt welder, value of $400

Delta brand Jointer, value of $250

Devilbliss brand air compressor, value of $385

Stihl and Husquavarna chain saws, value of $950

Bosch brand Electric Planer, value of $200

Harbor Freight brand Electric Hoist, value of $150

Jewelers tools, Jewelry Findings and loose stones, value of $1,600

Ryobi and Echo brand weedeaters, value of $435

Makita brand chop saw, value of $159

Delta brand 8" grinder, value of $150

Brass tomahawk with silver inlay on both sides, unknown value.

• On Thursday April 12, 2012 Deputies responded to the burglary of a residence on FM-2274, just north of the Ponta Community.  The home owner's reported that they left the house around 7:30am and returned home around 5:15pm and found the back door was kicked in.

Once the Deputy was on scene it was verified that no suspects were still in the house, but 6 guns and the TV had been stolen. The items missing are follows:

Marlin 22 cal rifle with scope, value of $300

Mossburg 200ATR, .270 cal rifle, value of $400

Stevens Model 67, 12 gauge shotgun, value of $375

German Mauser Model K-98, 8mm rifle, value of $700

Remington Model 510, .22 cal rifle, value of $500

Heritage Arms, .22 cal pistol, value of $150

Vizio Brand, 42inch, LCD HDTV, value of $685

Total loss of the burglary is estimated to be over $5,000.