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Lufkin coach's death reminds East Texans heart disease can strike anywhere

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) – Walkers remembering the late coach John Outlaw were at the heart of this year's Angelina County Heart Alliance's Heart Scoot.

The annual event is designed to raise awareness and teach heart disease prevention.  The 2012 walk was held in honor of the Lufkin icon who passed away from heart disease in December. 

Coach Outlaw's friends, students and former co-workers made t-shirts for the walk.  His death reminds East Texans that heart disease can affect anyone. "He unfortunately died of heart disease, and he's not someone, just looking at him. He ran four miles a day every day, and you just wouldn't expect it from somebody like that. And, we just want you to know it can be anybody," said Charity Fennell, President, Angelina County Heart Alliance.

Additional t-shirts are being made to sell to the community.  For each shirt sold $2 will be donated to the John Outlaw Memorial Scholarship Fund.  The first scholarship will be awarded to a Lufkin senior in May.

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