Bowling alley brawl ignites over racial slur

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - A bowling alley argument turned serious, leaving a Lufkin man gasping for air.

"They went outside, and that's when it took the downward turn," said Lufkin Lanes Assistant Manager, Steven Thompson.

Thompson, says a racial slur ignited a brawl. It started in the pool room, where Thompson says one of his regulars and another group exchanged words.

"They went outside, apparently to settle this altercation, and that's when the incident took place," said Thompson.

Thompson says he was told it was in the parking lot where someone walked up behind the victim and stabbed him in the throat. Hired security then called the cops.

While waiting for authorities, Thompson says those involved in the stabbing left the scene, but officers stopped them just down the road.

"The manager on duty, Brandon Williams, actually called the Lufkin Police with that information, so they knew to stop the vehicle en route," said Thompson.

The two people in a white truck, found down the street from the scene, have not been charged with assault and are not listed as suspects. However, Thompson says police tell him they are suspects in this case.

"They are detained, and they are suspects in the case. And, they were the ones who, from what I've been told, initiated the deadly conduct," said Thompson.

The victim, William Chunn, was airlifted to a Houston hospital. He was released Sunday, and Thompson says he's now at home.

"We've had a stabbing or anything resorting in deadly conduct. Like any other establishment that serves alcohol, you'll have an occasional altercation," said Thompson.

Now, the bowling alley is stepping up security to ensure an evening of games doesn't erupt into violence.

This afternoon, LPD Spokesman J.B. Smith could not confirm whether the two are named as suspects at this point. the case is still under investigation.