Tragic coincidences in horrible accident

As you first learned in our story at, a Nacogdoches man died when the horse he was riding bucked him into an oncoming car. But what we've learned since, and what Francesca Washington will be reporting on at 6, is the horse was one the man had rescued and nursed back to health. And the woman who accidentally hit him was a person the man knew all his life.

Also at 6, see the story of how an observant off-duty deputy at Crystal Beach was able to save a Lufkin man just moments from death.

At 10, Donna McCollum explains how the East Texas school of SFA has turned into a real platform of youth activism.

Also at 10, Alexis Spears explains why teachers at one school district feel they're not getting a fair shake when it comes to salaries.

Jeff Awtrey

Assignments editor