Petition for alcohol sales starts Wednesday - | Lufkin and Nacogdoches, Texas

Petition for alcohol sales starts Wednesday


Starting Wednesday, the petition goes out to get alcohol sales in more of East Texas, including the city of Tyler. 

The group, Buy Local First, wants to legalize beer and wine sales in stores in the city of Tyler, and in Smith County Precinct 2, which includes Flint, Noonday and Bullard. 

The group will begin their petition for signatures after their announcement at 10 a.m., Wednesday, in downtown Tyler. They have 60 days starting Wednesday to petition for a certain number of signatures.

They need 7,800 signatures in the city of Tyler. They need 6,700 signatures in Smith County Precinct 2.

The committee says they conducted several polls and surveys beginning in December 2011 to gauge how residents would respond to their petition for beer and wine to be sold in stores. 

"I feel very confident that what the voters were telling us in those polls is that it's time to consider this and now they'll be in the great fact-finding phase of what's going on," said Bob Westbrook, committee member of Buy Local First.  

The committee expects opposition from stores in new wet areas, like Troup and Winona, and stores on the wet/dry lines. 

The committee also says they examined the potential impact of sales tax revenue, safety issues, job growth and growth in the construction sector.

Wednesday morning the committee will also announce the different locations where people can sign the petitions. 

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