ETX drivers assess vehicle damage after hail storm

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - From dime to ping-pong sized, hail doesn't discriminate and some East Texans learned that the hard way.

"These types of events are stressful on our customers and we want to make sure to be there and assist them in recovering their losses," said Brian Russell, Claim Representative, State Farm.

Severe weather last week came with a surprising amount of hail. This week State Farm is helping the community assess vehicle damage.

"We've seen quite a few of our customers here and hopefully we'll get them on the path to recovery," said Russell.

State Farm representatives set up shop in the Lowe's parking lot. People could bring their cars for assessment throughout the day.

"He inspected my car from the front to the back of the car, on the hood, there was damage on the trunk," said Yolanda Byerly.

Yolanda Byerly recalls being inside at work during the time of the storm with her car parked right outside.

"If your car was not in a garage at the time the storm was going it is definitely a good thing to look into," said Byerly.

State Farm claim representative Brian Russell says, Byerly is one of many customers who didn't realize the severe effects hail can have on their vehicles.

"We saw quite a few cars that are peppered with hail you know, from anywhere from quarter-sized down to dime-sized hail. The metal on the car is aluminum so ever the smaller hail could dent your hood," said Russell.

Leaving lasting and often unseen marks on your vehicle.

"I think its going to be quite surprising as people have their cars inspected," said Byerly.

Officials encourage people to get their car inspected sooner rather than later to avoid long-term damages.

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