Credit Card Numbers On Receipts

We're always trying to protect ourselves, especially when it comes to protecting our credit card numbers.

Reporter: I was just wondering, can I get your credit card number?
Response: No!
Reporter: Why not?
Response: Cause, I don't give it out to nobody.

Good answer, because if a person were to get a hold of those all-important numbers, they could charge-up your card, or get all of your money if you have a debit card. Therefore, you need to be aware of each purchase you make, even a small one.

While you just went out for a burger and a soda, you may be biting off more than you can chew. Because every receipt you get could contain all of your credit card numbers.

Reporter: Do you check your receipts for your whole credit card number?
Response: No, it's got the X's on them except the last four.

Actually, you may be surprised that some of them do contain your whole card number, and each time you just throw it in the trash, you could be giving these identity theives all the information they need.

Some people today use office document shredders to destroy their receipts, and others rip their receipts up, but take note of the way you shred them. If you do it sideways, you may leave some numbers intact, but by shredding them right side up, you separate the numbers making them harder to use.

In this information age where anyone with the right numbers can access your life, destroying them may be the best way to go.

Possibly the best advice to keeping your bank numbers safe is to watch your account. If you're able to look at your statements online, try checking it daily for anything that looks out of the ordinary.

If you feel that you are a victim of identity theft, there are things you can do. Report the problem to one of the three credit reporting bureaus:

Equifax - 1-800-525-6285
Experian - 1-888-397-3742
TransUnion - 1-800-680-7289