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Karren S. Price
Karren S. Price

Your Voice, Your Vote: Karren S. Price, Shelby Co. District Attorney candidate


Candidate's Name: Karren S. Price

Date of Birth: November 8, 1953

Education: B.S., J.D.

Family: Married to John L. Price.

Two daughters, Tracy Smith , Kristine Dozier.

Two sons,  Rex Kirkley and Rick Kirkley.

Six grandchildren, Erin, Rex Austen, Kala, Faith, Grace and Anna.

Religion: Member of First Baptist Church, Center.

Contact Information: 936-598-2981

FB: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Karren-S-Price-for-District-Attorney/271325322931959

BIOGRAPHY:  Born and raised in Shelby County, 1972 graduate of Center High School.

Other Career Highlights/Recognitions:  Served as County Attorney of Shelby County, District Attorney two different times, Assistant Attorney General for the State of Texas; currently teaching at SFASU, Assistant Professor of Government, teaching criminal law, criminal procedure, evidence, legal research and writing and ethics.

What qualifies you for this office?

Prior experience.

What are your plans if elected?

Currently the District Attorney's office in Shelby County suffers from a public perception problem, which is the people have lost trust in the integrity of the office. Whoever is elected must labor long and hard to earn that trust and restore the people's faith in the person running the office.  If elected I pledge to seat juries and have juries input on disposition of cases.  When the people have a say in their government they trust the results.  I will work hard to reduce the size of the docket because the catch and release program we have now does nothing to serve justice or deter crime.

Karren S. Price