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Joey Haley

Your Voice, Your Vote: Joey Haley, Shelby Co. Sheriff


Candidate's Name: Joey Haley

Date of Birth: March 11, 1974

Education: Center High School, East Texas Police Academy, Liberty University (Criminal Justice Administration)

Family:  Married 19 years with 2 children.

Religion:  Baptist, Lone Star Baptist Church in Center.

Contact Information: 936-572-0971, or

BIOGRAPHY/Other Career Highlights: Latent print examiner and court certified latent print expert. Certified Police Instructor. Success in solving cold case homicides. Detective for the Center Police Department past 7 years.


East Texas Peace Officers Association's East Texas Award 2009-2010

What qualifies you for this office?

 I have been a certified Peace Officer since 1996. In my law enforcement career, I have worked as a patrolman, Patrol Sgt, and Detective. I have thousands of hours of in-service training and have been a first line supervisor for the past 7 years.

What are your plans if elected (re-elected)?

First and foremost, Deputies in Shelby County receive very little training; I would like to change that. I would aggressively pursue grants and other funding to have our Deputies trained properly to become a more proficient, professional department.  In this modern age, crime and crime detecting has become increasingly technologically relative. Our Deputies need to be better trained to meet the high demands of crime fighting and public SERVICE.

The Sheriff's Department has a budget of nearly 2 million dollars and in reviewing this budget; I found it to be very wasteful. For example, the Sheriff's Department is leasing pagers every year even though they are not in use. There is money budgeted for a phone line in Joaquin that is not even manned. This Joaquin phone is forwarded to the Sheriff's office! There is thousands of dollars that is wasted that should be cut, or utilized for more legitimate law enforcement purposes.

I will continue to be aggressive in the war on drugs but, I feel that ALL criminal investigations are important. Too many citizens are victimized every year by property crimes and crimes against people. These cases have not gotten the attention they deserve! I want to change that.

I have many changes and plans that I will instate and will gladly speak with anyone who has any questions or would like to learn more. Please feel free to contact me at 936-572-0971 or

Joey Haley