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Arizona boy forgoes birthday presents to provide school supplies

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An Arizona boy has been recognized for passing on birthday presents to provide classroom tools at his school.

CBS 5 News' Pay It Forward program, which started three years ago, has created a snowball effect in the community.

Last October, a viewer paid it forward to Javier Del Carpio.

Deborah Summers is the principal at Mission Montessori Academy in Scottsdale. She said the report on Javier inspired her to start an annual "Pay It Forward" award.

Javier was honored this past weekend along with a remarkable 8-year-old student named Harrison Brown.

"I like thinking up things and making inventions, the first invention I really came up with was perpetual motion diagram," said Harrison.

"My dad told me if you want to be a scientist you have to do lots of math," said Harrison. "I also really like this school and I wanted to keep it going on."

"He's a very interesting young man, he wakes up every morning at 5 a.m. with his brain ticking and it doesn't turn off," said his mother, Belinda Brown.

Belinda Brown said Harrison's latest and greatest idea was to forgo presents at his birthday party and instead asked friends for donations so he could help buy more education tools for his classroom.

"The donations are even better, I really wanted education because I want to become a scientist and engineer," said Harrison.

"When I saw what Harrison did, everything really tied together," said Javier.

Javier emailed CBS 5 News with the hopes that he could experience the other side of the "Pay It Forward" segment.

Harrison said he's not sure what to do with the $500 from Javier. He said it may go toward his next invention or to more classroom supplies.

"Do you have a minute, it's a good surprise, I promise," said Javier.

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