U.S. Marine proposes just days before his departure

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - What began as a day of dancing endedin fairy-tale fashion.

"I'd been thinking about it for awhile and this was just a very good opportunity and I just went for it,"said Stephen Wofford, U.S. Marine.

This weekend will be the last oneStephen Wofford and Valerie Mayer spend together.

Stephen is in the United States Marine Corpsand leaves for Camp Pendleton in San Diego on Tuesday.

For Stephen, there wasn't a better time to popthe big question.

"I know she loves dance and Iknow she'd be really happy after this and I just tried to be as creative aspossible," said Wofford.

Members of Valerie's dance companyread short notes from Stephen, describing his love for Valerie.

When Valerie came to campus today sheknew she'd be dancing for a cure, she had no idea she'd be leaving with herhappily ever after.

"I couldn't even say it because Iwas listening to all the words and it was really sweet and I was like what arethey talking about and then I saw my name and I was just speechless," saidValerie Mayer.

The couple has been together for two years,Stephen calls their first meeting at a Houston Astros game one of chance.

"It was purely luck my friend andhis fiancé at the time had extra tickets and they invited us and we just hit itoff," said Wofford.

The excitement of engagement doesn't changestruggles of being apart.

"She's very supportive but shemisses me a lot and I miss her," said Wofford.

"It'll just be time, but it will be okbecause we'll have the telephone and we can skype, it will be hard but we cando it," said Mayer.

It willgive Valerie some time to start planning her perfect wedding day.

I want a big wedding I think, I want it to be pretty andI'm just happy and I want him to be in his uniform when we have our wedding,"said Mayer.

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