Less Painful Plastic Surgery

The Pain Pump
The Pain Pump

Practically painless plastic surgery. Doesn't seem possible, but an East Texas doctor has found a way to do it. The best part, you don't even need strong pain medications that can be addicting.

Shanna Richardson runs a successful landscaping company. She's also a mother of two beautiful kids. But a few months ago, she felt her practically perfect life needed one change.

"I know it sounds vain, but I wanted my flat stomach back," she says.

She felt plastic surgery was her best option, even though the pain of surgery scared her. But after meeting Dr. James Motlagh of Tyler Plastic Surgery, she learned there was a less painful option, thanks to the pain pump.

"It's a device that gets filled with local anesthetic and gets attached to patient and is inserted in wound at surgery. Then it slowly releases the anesthetic for 2 to 4 days," he explains.

Dr. Motlagh adds that the pain pump also improves a persons recovery time.

"When you break the pain cycle, you make the patient feel better and recovery happens faster," he says.

Shanna says it made her recovery much easier.

"It doesn't completely take away the pain, but it minimizes it," she claims.

It worked so well, Shanna says she was back at work in just four days, feeling great and looking great.