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Willis B. Blackwell
Willis B. Blackwell

Your Voice, Your Vote: Willis B. Blackwell, Shelby Co. Sheriff candidate


Candidate's Name: Willis B. Blackwell

Date of Birth:  March 8, 1948

Education:   2 years college at Texas A&I, Kingsville, Texas A&M; Texas Parks & Wildlife Academy.

Family: Wife of 30 years, Ann Moody Blackwell.

4 children , Will & Amy Blackwell, Julie &Larry Mays, Rick & Kelly Foehner and Blake & Joanna Huckabee.

9 grandchildren.

Religion: Baptist, Antioch Baptist Church.

Contact Information:

Phone: (936) 590-9126 (home); (936) 591-8830 (work)

BIOGRAPHY/Other Career Highlights:

4 years US Navy-3 tours of duty Vietnam.

Texas Parks & Wildlife Game Warden 1972-1998.

Chief Deputy Sheriff Shelby County 2001-2003.

Owner-operator Moodyville BBQ in Center, TX 2010-present.

Commissioned Special Game Warden 1998-present.


Past President Shelby County Sheriff's Posse.

Honorable discharge US Navy.

Master Peace Officer License.

Special Game Warden Commission

What qualifies you for this office?

I have the experience in law enforcement and management to effectively run the department.  I have the knowledge of the law, experience in investigation and evidence gathering procedures for enforcement and the management experience from being Chief Deputy to effectively manage the day to day operations of the jail itself from dispatch to budgetary requirements.  I have the experience of working with Commissioners Court in presenting the budget and also presenting cases to criminal court.

What are your plans if elected (re-elected)?

I believe the citizens of Shelby County are ready for and want good, honest law enforcement.  They want to see patrol officers in all parts of the county.  They want to know the officers know the county and are able to make the calls when they come into the office.  Law enforcement has been my life, I respect it and I expect any officer employed by me to feel the same way and it not just a job and a paycheck.  I enforced the law as a Game Warden and if elected, I plan to see that this is what happens during my tenure to anyone who breaks the law regardless of age, financial status or who you are.  I want to be a sheriff that folks know when they call, they will reach me and they know I will be up front and honest and do what is right.

Willis B. Blackwell