Details emerge on Joaquin shooting spree

We're learning more today on the bizarre shooting spree in a Joaquin motel room which left one housekeeper dead and two others injured. We'll bring you a full story tonight at 10.

The trial has kicked off for the second person accused in the death of an infant while he was sleeping with him. The case has caught nationwide attention and Alexis Spears has been covering today's testimony all day. She'll bring you a full report at 6.

People traveling into Lufkin may have noticed the new "Welcome to Lufkin" signs on the major roads into the city. That's part of the city's new improvements project. At 10, Francesca Washington explains what other improvements we can look forward to, and at what cost.

At 6, see how students at one East Texas school have taken a proactive approach to let their peers know the dangers of driving drunk.

Jeff Awtrey

Assignments editor