Joaquin high school students raise awareness for drunk driving in time for prom

SHELBY COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Joaquin high school's family community service class wanted to make an impact so they requested the Amber Menefee Mobile Memorial.

In 200, a drunk driver in a SUV crashed into Amber's vehicle while traveling the wrong way on the loop in Lubbock, Texas.

Today teens across the state reflect on the wreckage as a reminder not to drink and drive.

"You can just tell the look of fear in their eyes. They're scared when they see it. And people just crying. You just know it's really touched them," said student Tristan Wilkerson.

"And her clothes she was wearing are still in the backseat and her shoes are on the other side," said student Ryleigh Yates.

The visit comes at a time when some teens make poor choices.

It's prom week.

"And I'm nervous about it. Hopefully, this today will make an impact on them not to drink and drive," said student Chasity Baker.

Perhaps it's good to be nervous. The class wants a strong reminder about drunk driving facts.

"Car crashes kill more young people than any other cause, accounting for half of all teen deaths in America each year," said Yates.

The peer to peer safety program helps teens take the driver's seat knowing one bad choice can change a life forever.

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