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City of Lufkin reveals six city pride signs on major highways



New signs have made their way to major highways across the Pineywoods, letting travelers know exactly where they are.

"A lot of cities were implementing identification signs, coming into the city," said Keith Wright, Deputy

The City of Lufkin approved the new city pride signs earlier this year, they were installed last week.

City Engineer Chuck Walker says deterioration of city signs caused a lack of branding and identification in Lufkin.

"Removing those old signs that had fallen down, we decided that we needed signs up because there was no signage telling you, hey welcome to Lufkin," said Chuck Walker, Public Utilities Director, City Engineer.

"59 South, 59 North as you come into town from each direction. 69 South and 69 North, 103 East and 103 West," said Wright.

The 538 pound sign is 8 feet tall and 13 feet wide and features pieces of Lufkin's heritage.

Water, representing area lakes and a pine tree depicting the logging industry.

"What we were trying to do is incorporate Lufkin, we were just trying to encompass the Pineywoods," said Walker.

 The 166 thousand dollar project is a product of the Capital Improvement Program.

 Each year the city reviews projects throughout the city, the city council then makes recommendation on what should be funded and performed.

"Come in with new projects in order to maintain the city and continue to move it forward," said Wright.

Other Capital Improvement Program projects include the civic center expansion and fire department equipment.

Officials hope the new improvements will instill a sense of pride in everyone that passes.

"I hope they take pride in their community and try to help maintain it, try to keep it clean and tell people about Lufkin and what Lufkin's about," said Wright.

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